Sensors & Trackers

Gasable aims to solve problems related to energy. We continuously strive to develop new and innovative solutions that would make transportation, management and monitoring of energy more efficient and convenient so everyone can continuously focus on more important things in life. Our Sensor and Tracker are the newest solutions that we have been working on and they are coming soon to the market.

First of the many innovative solutions that we will introduce in the market is the very first of our line of smart sensors. This is a gas sensor that will help you easily manage your gas consumption by giving you the content level of your gas cylinder.

Followed by our very own Gas Tracker solution aimed to help distributors track their gas cylinders. Distributors should be able to mark their cylinders and make sure that they only receive and distribute authentic and safe gas cylinders.

Gasable Sensor



monitors your gas level so you know how much gas you have left in your cylinder

App Based

utilizes the Gasable App to display the gas level so you don’t have to touch your gas cylinder

Smart Alert

receive alerts when your gas reaches critical level

Auto Ordering

enable automatic order placing when the gas reaches critical level

Easy Configuration

Just few steps and you are all set in just 5 minutes


No need for wires. Just connect to WIFI

Long Battery Life

up to 3 years before battery replacement



Verify the authenticity of the cylinder by scanning the tag


Ensure that the cylinder undergo regular quality checks


Monitor the cylinders that leaves and enters your inventory


No need to plug in any cables. Just scan the tag

App Based

Scan the tag using your phone and monitor everything using the app